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Bill MellottBill Mellott
Bill Mellott's 97 Pro-Mod Firebird

Bill's best time to date is 7.10 @ 198 winning the JBP Quick 4 @ Norwalk Ohio in 2003. Look for this car in 2004 to be running mid to high 6's at way over 200 mph. Engine is a 522 cid with a 14-71 blower on injected alcohol with KRE billet alum heads, boosting 35 lbs.

Pickett racing
Pickett Racing

This is Jim and Mark Picketts 1997 Prostock Firebird! There the first to break the 7 second zone with an all naturally aspirated Pontiac engine. Fastest pass to date is a 7.97 @ 172 mph. This was done with a KRE High Port Wenzler headed 504 cid engine with dual 825 Demon carbs and KRE sheet metal intake.

Heavy Metal Racing

Tom Moon

This is Tom and Carla Moon's 1969 Grand Prix. Running a complete KRE built 501 with our 335 cfm CNC'd heads. Tom's best pass to date is a 8.88 @ 151.

63' Tempest of Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

Dave competes with his Tempest at all the NSCA Pro Nostaglia races. Best time to date is a 8.95 @ 150.5. Car weight is 3150 w/driver.

George Zimnicky

George Zimnicky

George Zimnicky's 1974 GTO, running a KRE built 518. George is one killer bracket racer running into the 8.60's @ 153. You want to be on your toes if you ever line up against this car and driver!

Neal Owens
92' Firebird of Neal Owens

Neal competes in all of the NMCA Real street races. Car weight is 3300 lbs w/driver, to date he has run a 9.18 @ 146

Kevin & Deloris Constant

Kevin & Deloris Constant

Kevin & Deloris run the this street trimed Grand Am at almost all the mid west Pontiac events. This is one bracket racer that is somebody to deal with running in the low 10's.

68' GTO of Roger Ibbotson
Roger Ibbotson

Roger runs this high wheel standing 9 second Goat out of Michigan. You can always catch this crowd pleaser at the Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, OH.

92' Dragster of Kevin Swaney
Kevin Swaney

Here's Kevin Swaney's rear engine dragster sponsored by Tin Indian Performance. Catch this digger running high 7's at most of the National Pontiac events on the east coast. Setup with a 462 CID with KRE High Port heads.


Minnesota Maniac

Brad Smuland

This is Brad Smuland 97' Top Sportsman Firebird. This car runs solid 7.80's on a 250 shot of juice with a KRE MR-1 High Port headed 505 cid engine.

67' Firebird of Tim Horvath

Tim Horvath

Tim's engine was featured in the High Performance Pontiac Mag. as a 675 HP engine. Now working at 710 Hp Tim's wheel standing bird runs in the 9.50's @ 3200 lbs.


Siberian Tiger

Tom Richcreek

This is Tom & Amy Richcreek's 65' GTO. You pretty much can catch them at just about all of the Pontiac races in the mid west & east coast. This 3500lb car is running 10.70's on a 440 cid flat tappet Alum D-port headed engine.

Mike Williams

Another wheel up pass for Mike Williams 66 GTO. This KRE build 463 alcohol injected engine runs 9.40's all day long.

Shane Molinari
68' GTO of Shane Molinari

This killer bracket car runs out in the Northwest (NHRA Division 7)in the Top Sportsmen and Top Comp classes. With a new 601 cid KRE built engine he gathered 3 Walley Trophies in 2004. Even more impressive is the ET this car has turned in the quarter mile at 8.01 @ 167 in full race trim of 2550 lbs.

Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace

Dave competes every weekend at his local track with his dragster. This is one tough bracket racer running low 8's in the quarter. Watch coming up against this car!

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