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KRE's Blown Alcohol Dragster

Quickest Pontiac Powered Car on the Planet
5.841 @ 244.29

Jeff Kauffman's Alcohol Dragster

Jeff Kauffman's 5.99 record setting pass!

This is Jeff Kauffman's Blown alcohol dragster at Norwalk, Ohio on another 5 second pass. We run a Kauffman Performance MR-1A billet 535 cid combo that supports a set of KRE Warp 6 solid cast heads, PSI screwcharger injected on alcohol, KRE built billet intake manifold with a Crower clutch and Lenco 3 speed. New combo in 2014 gave us a start with mid 6 second passes until we got the car combo figured out. By mid summer we had laid down a 6.19 @ 229 and was rockin with our tune at the time. Following passes at the Norwalk Pontiac Nationals was a 6.17 @ 241, 6.15 @ 239 and a 6.30 @ 218. Refined the tune a bit and next time out pulled off a record setting pass of a 5.99 @ 236 hitting the 5 second barrier for the first time ever for any Pontiac Powered drag car. Following that has been a string of high 5.90's passes with a best of a 5.96 @ 239.

Performance up date August 4th, 2018

New record setting pass 5.841 @ 244.29 at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk Ohio at the Pontiac Nationals. Did a freshen up on the engine this year and turned it up just a little. Track was a little slick and shook the tires about half track but managed to get it all the way down doing some driving. With a little bit of the tune backed off we backed it up with a 5.92 @ 242 on Sunday. Can't wait to get back on a sticky track to see what it really has?

Jeff Kauffman's Alcohol Dragster

Jeff Kauffman's Alcohol Dragster

Getting ready to make another 5 second hit

After our 5 second record pass

After our 5 second record pass

Right after our 5 second record setting pass


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