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Misc. Pontiac parts

Heater Nipple This is a stock replacement heater nipple for stock cast iron heads. Has the old style coil heat spring inside. This is a perfect replacement part. $ 28.00

Dipstick and Upper Tube Here is the replacement dipstick for your stock Pontiac engine. This is a non AC dipstick. $ 20.00

Here is the replacement upper dipstick tube that presses into the block from the crankcase side. This is a stainless steel piece that will last a lot longer then the stock piece. $ 36.00

Dipstick Tubes lower This stock replacement lower dipstick is made from stainless steel. Designed to fit with the stock windage tray. $ 24.00

This tube is just like the other lower tube other then it has the strap welded to it to bolt to the center main cap. $ 30.00

BOP poly gear This is BOP's Polymer distributor gear designed for billet roller cams. If your planning on running a solid roller or hyd roller cam you will need one of these or a bronze dist. gear. The stock gears will not hold up against the billet cam core. I recommend these for street setups. This one if for a stock distributor with a .491 shaft diameter. $ 125.00

This is for an MSD .500 diameter shaft. $ 125.00

Oil restrictors These oil restrictors come with a .025 hole size. Once installed they will help keep your oil and pressure where you need it in the bottom end of the engine. Ask for custom hole sizes. $ 30.00

KRE billet dist. hold downKRE billet dist. hold downl

$ 35.00
This is our new billet distributor hold down made from 6061T-6 Aluminum. This is just another one of our fine products that we have designed on our in house CNC machines. Will fit both stock blocks and MR-1 aftermarket block.

TIP headerflange

$ 75.00
These are nice CNC 3/8" thick header flanges made buy Tin Indian Performance. Designed for round port heads like the KRE High Port, Edelbrock and Ram Air II & IV. They come in 2 primary tube sizes 2" and 2 1/8".

2" flange

2 1/8" flange

Oil pan hold downsTIP cam plate

Some more great products from Tin Indian Performance! Those old oil pan plates that get lost from engine tear downs are now available. These two plate go in the back corner of the oil pan rail. We also have a more affordable cam thrust plate made by Tin Indian Performance that includes the bolts!
$ 6.50 $ 30.00

Tip MandrelTIP mandrel

$ 215.00
New Pontiac crank mandrel for a vaccum pump setups from Tin Indian Performance! Bolts to either stock 4 bolt or 3 bolt Chevy stile dampers! Very nice setup with adjustable spacers to accomdate every engine setup for belt alignment. Standard setup comes compelete with 3" pulley and bolts.

Here is the Moroso pump bracket made by Tin Indian Performance. This bracket is designed for the 3 and 4 vane Moroso Vac Pump to bolt right to (any) Pontiac cylinder head that has the standard accesory bolt holes on the end of the head.

Tip pump bracket

Rocky Rotella Pontiac Book

$ 23.95
Here is Rocky Rotella's max performance Pontiac book that replaces Jim Hand's street performance Pontiac book. A fair amount of tech info some new products and a few different higher end engine combos to look at. If your looking at racing a Pontiac this book is worth some info to read?

Cam Sprocket washer

$ 5.00
This washer relaces the camshaft eccentric. We mostly use these on full race engines.

Distributor hold down

$ 25.00
This piece is CNC laser cut from 1/4" plate steel. Perfect for using on the new MR-1 blocks. Sure beats digging out old rusty beat up ones!

Stainless Bolt kit

$ 82.00
This is a 150 piece stainless steel bolt kit. It comes in hex headed bolts. It's inexpensive and works very nice for finishing off an engine build.

Fuel Pump Eccentric

$ 45.00
Here is a new fuel pump eccentric for those using a stock style fuel pump. Or one to replace those 40 year old ones that are wore out.

TIP washer & hook Here is the replacement tee washer for your stock Pontiac engine. This is the washer that pulls the intake tight to the timing cover. $ 5.00

Here is a Stainless steel lift hook to replace those worn out and bent hooks. $ 10.00

Cam & Crank keys Stock replacement cam key. $ 2.00

Stock replacement crank key. $ 3.00

March Pulleys
Here is a listing of March's serpentine pulley systems. The following are an all inclusive kits that come with alternator, A/C and Power Steering.

March Sytle Track

67-69 Firebird Style Track system Clear #13140 $ 2,500.00
70-81 Firebird, 64-72 GTO Clear Style Track system #13135 $ 2,160.00

March Sytle Track

Billet Alt. and PS Style Track system Clear #13150 $ 1,900.00
Chrome Alt. and PS Style Track system Clear #13145 $ 1,775.00

March Revolver

67-69 Firebird Revolver system Clear #13170 $ 2,000.00
70-81 Firebird, 64-72 GTO Revolver system Clear #13165 $ 2,000.00

The following are just the serpentine pulleys and bracketing.

March pulleys

66-74 Saginaw keyway PS Clear #13105 $ 760.00
75-78 Saginaw pressfit PS Clear #13110 $ 760.00

We can get you other kits that March offers, we've listed the most popular. Go to there web site March Performance if you would like to check other kits out. Call or E-mail us if you have any questions on these?

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