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Super Wedge Heads

Our Second War Chief Series Pontiac Head

KRE's second War Chief series water jacketed cast cylinder head designed strickly to be for higher end performance engines.  This head has raised and enlarged intake runners and enlarged exhaust runners with an exit at stock round port location. We stood up the valve angles from the stock 14 degree to 10 degree's to help with high valve lift flow and decreased combustion chamber volume. Extra cooling holes have been added to the center of the head to help cooling and water flow to the center exhaust ports. Valve centerlines has been spaced to accept a 2.300 and 1.800 valve size combo. As cast intake flow comes in just under 400 cfm out of the box. Requires rocker shafts and .180 offset intake lifters.

Performance Updates:

Dyno results:

  • Out of the box heads make 768 TQ and 926 HP on a 541 CID race engine
  • 435 cfm port work 541 CID race gas makes 791 TQ @ 5400 & 972 HP @ 7100 rpm's on single dominator carb
  • 460 cfm port work 541 CID race gas makes 808 TQ @ 5700 & 1006 HP @ 7200 rpm's on single dominator carb
  • 535 CID combo goes 4.69 in 1900 lbs dragster
  • 535 CID combo goes 5.19 in 2500 lbs 69 Firebird

Other Info:

  • Exhaust port is standard Pontiac round port configuration
  • Raise intake port location and compatible with stock type intakes (ea Victor, Gustram, BOP & Polar Wind)
  • Utilizes T&D offset rocker shafts
  • As cast flow of approximately 400 cfm on the intake 
  • Standard valve sizes 2.25 intake valve and a 1.75 exhaust valve
  • Valve angle is 10 degrees
  • Available:

    • CNC'd combustion chambers available - 46 & 57 cc's
    • CNC ported versions of 435, 460 and 475 cfm

    Cylinder Head Specifications

    Intake Valve Diameter:2.200" to 2.300"
    Exhaust Valve Diameter:1.700" to 1.800"
    Chamber Volume:46cc & 57cc
    Seats:Available with steel or copper seats.
    Guides:11/32" bronze valve guides are standard.
    Exhaust Flange:Std. round port exhaust flanges
    Cooling Provisions:SW heads have extra cooling provision in the center of the intake flange.
    Intake Manifold:Stock style intake like Victor, Gustram and Polar Wind
    Intake Lifters:Qty 8 @ .180 offset
    Exhaust Lifters:Qty 8 @ on-center
    Camshaft:Std Pontiac cam core
    Valve Cover:Std 4 bolt Pontiac valve cover.
    Shaft Rocker System (required)T&D/KRE
    Spark Plug:NGK R5671A-7,8,9,10 & 11
    Assembly Components:Call for details


    Priced per head:

    Bare Castings Complete Heads**
    $1,200.00 - 46cc
    $1,775.00 - 46cc
    $1,300.00 - 57cc
    $1,875.00 - 57cc

    Port Work

    $350.00 435 cfm
    $550.00 460 cfm
    $700.00 475 cfm

    T&D Rocker shafts for Super Wedge heads - $2,350.00
    ARP Super Wegde head stud kit - $205.00

** Complete heads come with 1200 series Ferrea valves, PAC Titanium  retainers, 10 degree locks, PC seals, PAC Solid Roller springs for up to .850 lift, spring seats and 5 angle valve job.

KRE Super Wedge Head 46cc Chamber

KRE Super Wedge Head Intake Runners

KRE Super Wedge Head

KRE Super Wedge Head Exhaust Port

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