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Pontiac Short Block Parts


All bearing are available in STD, .010, .020, .030 under sized.

  • 421-455 Main Bearings $ 95.00

  • 326-400 Main Bearings $ 90.00

  • 326-455 Rod Bearings $ 75.00

  • 2.20 BBC Rod Bearings $ 95.00

Durabond bearings

We have switched to Durabond cam bearings. We carry a complete line of performance bearings for Pontiacs.
P-4 - $ 28.00
We have switched to Durabond cam bearings. We carry a complete line of performance bearings for Pontiacs.
PP-4 high performance - $ 42.00

Melling oil pump - M54DS
60 pound pump w/pick up
$ 51.00

Melling oil pump - M54F
80 pound pump
$ 61.00

Oil pump pickup $ 15.00

Oil pump alloy drive rod $ 12.00

Billet Main Caps
These caps come in both 3" and 3.25" journal size, recommended for engines running higher than 6500 rpm's and or making 600+ hp
Main Caps
standard main caps $ 280.00
splayed main caps $ 305.00
front main caps $ 95.00
rear main caps $ 325.00

Windage Tray Windage Tray

This is the aftermarket windage tray made by Canton. It bolts between the oil pan rail and oil pan. This tray has a directional screen for defusing oil to help return it to the sump with least amount of airation.

$ 75.00

Stock oil pan Stock oil pan

This is a new stock replacement oil pan. It has the stock style L-shaped baffel in the bottom of the pan. This makes for a nice replacement piece over cleaning oil pans.

$ 95.00                                                                                          $ 75.00

Romac Romac damper

The Romac damper is an SFI approved damper. It also will accept stock pulleys. It uses elastomer damping technology. It's fully CNC machined and has 360 degree timing marks. It hac a urethane clear coating also.

$ 270.00

Lighter Alum. Ring with steel hub damper
$ 295.00

Lifter Bore Brace

$ 190.00
This lifter bore brace is a simple bolt in all steel piece. Only 4 holes need to be drilled and tap to install. It covers all 16 lifters.


Timing Chain9 keyway billet timing chain in stock in std., .005 & .010 under It's The Best! $ 125.00

Std..005 under.010 under

SFI Flex Plate

$ 65.00
These are standard replacement flexplates.

Water pump

$ 355.00
Meziere billet alum. water pumps come complete ready to bolt on in 5 different colors. Red, Blue, Black, Purple and Polished Alumium.

Professional Damper stockProfessional SFI damper

Here are some new dampers from Professional Products. Very nicely made with white lettered timing marks from 0-60 degrees. The stock damper is perfect for the stock to mild performance engines. The SFI unit is great for mild to high performance engines.

$ 95.00 $ 195.00

Power Master
Power Master Starter

This starter is one of the best I've seen. It has 200 ft.lbs rating with a 4.41 gear reduction. It only weighs 8.5 lbs. It comes with a heat soak resistant housing and an aluminum billet mounting surface. This starter is for 12 to 1 compression engines and higher.
$ 225.00

This is Power Masters street starter. Designed for 12 to 1 and lower compression engines. It's rated at 180 ft.lbs and has a multi positioning mounting surface.
$ 195.00

Power Master Starter
Here is one the best filters out there for Pontiac engines.
$ 7.00

freeze plugs brass freeze plugs

Here are some standard freeze plug kits from Pioneer. These will fit all stock blocks, MR-1 and MR-1A blocks. Pick from standard steel or brass.

$ 14.00 $ 22.00

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