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At KRE we have a complete state-of-the-art computerized SuperFlow SF-901engine dynamometer dedicated to Pontiac engine development!  Our dyno service takes the guesswork out of tuning your combination for maximum performance. SuperFlow Engine Stand
KRE Dyno room Whether you have a mild street or a full race engine, we can find out exactly how much torque and horsepower you are making before your tires hit the pavement.  Our SuperFlow SF-901 engine dyno uses a PC based data acquisition system to gather over 30 different engine parameters in just seconds.   This enables us to monitor and track critical engine functions and power trends.  From this information, we are able to optimize and fine-tune your particular combination to make peak power!  Testing is done while you watch.  Each pull gets printed out as well as saved on a computer for future reference.

Don't waste valuable time and money at the track trying to tune your engine.  Call us to schedule your dyno session, today.


Half day (4 hours)  $ 500.00
Full day (8 hours)  $ 750.00

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