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Mark Kauffman's 6.99 second pass at the 2004 Tripower Nationals

This is our Blown Pro-Mod Firebird. It's debut was at the 2004 Pontiac Nationals in Cordova, IL. With a 540 cid, 14-71 blown billet headed setup we punched right into the sixes on the very first pass at the Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, OH. Look for us next year to maximize this combo.

6.92 @ 202.30

For the 2009 season we will be running our 511 cid MR-1 with our new Warp 6 billet canted valve head setup. Look for this setup to running strong 6 second passes this year!

Mark Kauffman's Pro Mod

Mark Kauffman's Pro Mod

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